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Expedition Preparation

Long drawer

Storage. Shown here is an ex Camel Trophy 110 fitted with a rear load space long drawer and rear door cooker housing.


An electric air compressor and air tank were fitted in front of the long drawer, with a custom made,removable,inspection cover fitted above to make the floor level.


Winch. Checked over and a plasma rope and alloy fairlead fitted to make more user friendly


A water pump and filtration unit fitted so clean drinking water always available on tap.


Fuel and water tanks. Steel or stainless steel for fuel, stainless steel for water. For a 110, an offside rear wheelarch 48 litre "flow through" tank is the best way to add fuel capacity.


Fridge.Had to build a frame to fit it where we wanted it,along with a bracket for the drinking water tap.


The 110 in South Africa.