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Interior Storage

Rear stowage box Rear Stowage Box: A lockable lightweight aluminium 't' chest fitted in a 90 to enable you to securely stow all your goodies to keep the rest of the interior tidy.

Cubby box with optional map/stowage pockets This lockable cubby box made from 2mm mild steel and powder coated in black will bolt in to Land Rover Defenders 90, 110 and 130. It is big enough to securely hold valuable items such as bags and electronic equipment when you are away from your vehicle. The cubby box includes a secure and lockable location suitable for radios, CD players or CB units, and come complete with removable drinks holder. Ideal for any Land Rover where security when left parked up might be of concern and essential to any vehicle being prepared for overland expedition.Photo shows a box fitted with map/stowage pockets available as an extra.

Cooker Housing: We all like a nice brew, so stash the cooker in here out of the way.


Can be fitted in a number of places to keep your valuables hidden and locked away.

I can't show photos of previously fitted safes on the internet for obvious reasons, so call me to discuss your requirements.